Today's time suck. You're welcome.

Maybe we can get a hashtag all up in here, like, Time Suck Sundays = #tss or is Sunday’s Time Suck better #sts???

Feel free to point me towards maps for the rest of the instrument world.

Although, I must say that Andrew Stiller’s Handbook of Instrumentation is still outrageously useful.

How to Keep Repertoire Alive 101

Gelsey Bell’s scholarly report on staging Robert Ashley’s Perfect Lives.

This is it for a bit. The last of the 52 mega-easy songs. You can keep enjoying them anytime you want.

#52 dizzying

voice, flute.

about this song:

See title.

We’re coming to the end of our parade of easy-peasy songs, but you can go back and re-live any of them any time, especially if you learn to play them yourself!

#51 wet june

voice, clarinet, caxixi, guiro.

about this song:

The last of the totally, completely true stories. June 2008 in NYC was a bummer.

One in a series of a slew of super-easy songs for you to practice reading music or just simply to enjoy or both or neither or something. Mmhmm.

#50 moody

voice, harmonica, contrabass flute, triangle, cabasa.

about this song:

Moody in a good way, not as a euphemism for being generally grumpy. Pensive, I suppose, but that’s not as fun of a title. Imagine Juan Esquivel when he’s moody and that should give you a better idea of where this is coming from.

52 songs, 52 days, even though it took a lot longer than that to write and record them…

#49 travel

voice, toy piano, glockenspiel, frame drum, plastic scraper.

about this song:

Another song kind of about leaving Brooklyn… or anywhere, really.

There weren’t enough super-easy songs, and there still aren’t, but now we have some more than there used to be.

#48 ditched

voice, synthesizers.

about this song:

I can’t imagine actually trying to write a break-up song during the process of breaking up. 

Cute songs! Read music! Just listen! Yes!

#47 oscillation

voice, roller shaker.

about this song:

This song is absolutely factual.

A collection of 52 songs about laundry chutes, dogs that pee on their owner’s suitcases, cats that meow in alleyways early in the morning, not eating your vegetables, and other commonplace subjects.

#46 lost dog

voice, guitar, melodica, slide whistle.

about this song:

I have never owned a dog or a Mustang. But if I did, this is how my life would be.

Cute songs for ugly people. Or not.

#45 left behind

voice, balalaika, hema keyboard, claves, bottle.

about this song:

I wrote this just as we were starting to seriously think about moving out of New York. As I recorded it, I did the balalaika part first. Then as I started the keyboard part, I thought, something seems really off. Turns out the electronic keyboard is a half-step flat. And that is how this song is in F and F# major at the same time.